Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick “Camélia”

Finally, the lipstick I chose to purchase was “Camélia” which is a rosy pink. I was debating between this & “Gardenia” which looked very similar, but “Gardenia” was brighter and “Camélia” has a touch more beige (apparently), making it a bit more wearable.

I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to have this lipstick in my collection a while to see how it wore, and how often I reached for it. On the Rouge Coco formula, I like it but it’s not what I was expecting. What’s great is that it’s full coverage, and long wearing without being drying and without feathering, I don’t think that any lipstick lasts longer on me. Further, when the colour does wear down it becomes almost like a stain. It’s comfortable to wear but not as creamy as the samples I tried, but I suppose this is what makes it longer lasting than other lipsticks. This colour has a slightly pearlised finish and the scent is pretty but not overwhelming and fades quickly.

I guess my dislikes of this lipstick are personal, rather than there actually being something wrong with it. The colour is pretty and close to my natural lip colour but as I’ve said before, I think it’s too dark for day wear as my lips are fairly pigmented and because it’s full coverage – it’s more of a MLBB nighttime colour. It would be more wearable for me if it sheerer. The other issue is that I don’t like shimmer on my lips, even the pearly finish is distracting to me. Again, it’s my own fault for being stubborn and wanting something new rather than something that would really work and unfortunately I think this makes it look more of a negative review than it really is. There are beautiful colours in the range and I loved the opportunity to try some other colours with the sample pack, I just don’t believe any are perfect for me.


Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick “Egérie”

One of the coral colours in the line, Egérie was for me the most wearable of the samples I tried. As I mentioned before, since the colours seem to run quite dark, lots of the pinks didn’t register terribly differently on my fairly pigmented lips. Although it seemed similar when worn, the coral tones helped it to seem less intense, and the overall effect seemed a bit fresher and brighter.

(I didn’t include an image of the tester pack as my camera didn’t capture it well.)

Here’s the face chart for Egérie, taken from

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick “Mademoiselle”

“Mademoiselle” is the signature colour of the line, worn in the campaign by Vanessa Paradis. The first images I saw showed this as a bright pink, but in print it looked decidedly less intense, more natural pink. Nevertheless, I was still curious to try  it out.

My sample pack swatch shows the colour more red, but on my hand they appear more orange – though I’d describe the actual colour as a natural pink with a hint of brown. It was close to my actual lip colour in terms of tone, but quite a bit darker. This seems to be the case with most of the pinks I’ve tried in the Rouge Coco formula, and as I have fairly pigmented lips, many ended up looking very similar.

Here’s the face chart for “Mademoiselle”, taken from

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick “Cambon”

The second Rouge Coco sample I tried was number 31, “Cambon”. Whereas “Venise” was dark and slightly gothic in feeling, “Cambon” is bright & sunny although I think both are equally dramatic in their effect. Again this was creamy and the shimmer was barely visible, and it can be sheered out nicely, though it’s worn best applied more heavily. I couldn’t help but love this colour!

Gives the best idea of the brightness!

Depth of colour, shown in different lighting.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick “Venise”

When I purchased my Rouge Coco this week, I received a sample pack containing four other colours – this week I’ll be posting some swatches and finally my thoughts on the one I bought.

I decided to try Venise first mostly because I’m a sucker for makeup named after cities and places I love. It’s a rich dark brown red, with just a hint of orange and although I thought I’d hate it, it was a surprisingly attractive colour. The formula is comfortable to wear and the finish is satiny, I didn’t detect any shimmer – I mention this because different colours seem to have slight variations in finish and texture. Though this colour surprised me, I felt it was a little too dramatic against my pale skin, I’m sure there’s a more suitable red for me in this line.

I’m not really happy with my swatches but I think they’re fairly true to life and hopefully show the range of tones in this colour and the levels of intensity you can achieve. They were taken with & without flash in artificial lighting – the final shot is the tester pack to give an idea how it might look in the tube.

Here’s a face chart with a look created to go with Venise, taken from

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks

I’ve been waiting for the release of the new line of Chanel lipsticks ever since I first saw the campaign with Vanessa Paradis – it looks so pretty, simple and fresh, exactly the kind of makeup I like.

The formula is designed to attract women back to wearing lipstick by being hydrating and slightly glossy. Each one is named with a special connection to Mademoiselle Chanel’s life, from her favourite flower the Camellia, to her real name Gabrielle.  The collection is divided into Rose-Pinks, Red-Corals, Violets-Berries, Neutrals-Brown, and consists of 30 different shades to replace the Rouge Hydrabase line.

This video shows Chanel Cosmetics Global Creative Director, and one of my favourite makeup artists, Peter Philips discussing the background and inspiration of the new range. He’s so wonderful to listen to and I can honestly not think of a better compliment than for him to say that you have an amazing face to do makeup on.

I purchased my first one yesterday and also received samples of four other colours which I’ll be swatching throughout the week.

Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick “Ultra”

As promised, here’s a quick look at one of the Dolce & Gabbana lipsticks used at the F/W 10.11 show.

With & without flash

“Ultra” is one of Dolce & Gabbana’s Classic Cream Lipsticks, a formula which promises exceptionally smooth application for rich, long-lasting colour and moisture. It’s a high maintenance colour, a rich and dramatic blue based red. It is best applied with a lipbrush and lip liner (I’m happy to see that a matching lipliner will be released as part of the Spring 2010 Intimate Sensuality Collection) but it can be blotted down, as was done at the runway show, or worn over lipbalm for a softer look. This is such a classic colour to wear, as I showed in my previous post, with a clean face – a little eyeliner & blush is all that is needed as a complement. It’s a bold statement and I have to confess that as much as I love the colour, I haven’t dared to wear it out yet! But it’s a beautiful, easy to wear formula so I’ll definitely be looking into some more everyday colours soon.

Both swatches with flash