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Paul & Joe x Alice In Wonderland

Whilst I’ve largely overlooked the seemingly endless Alice In Wonderland collaborations, this was one I couldn’t ignore. Paul & Joe have created two limited edition kits to tie in with the upcoming film and I picked one up yesterday. Again I’m not sure when they were officially released in stores, but this was the first time I’d seen them in person so I would assume very recently. They retail for 34€ and I got set 001, Fantasy.

Each set is packaged in a pretty card box (this was hard to take good pictures of, the gold lettering didn’t show up very well!)

Inside each box is a pretty tin containing a tinted lip treatment, blotting paper compact and blotting paper refill (I think there’s 100 in each).

The tin

Front, back and inside of blotting paper compact, this is made from a leather effect material.

Blotting paper refill packaging

Lip Treatment Stick, the tube is cardboard.

Overall this is a nice, well designed and useful kit. I’ve read that it works out as fairly good value to buy the set as opposed to buying the items seperately, though I haven’t done the numbers myself. The lip treatment stick is essentially clear, though it does minimally tone down the pigmentation of my lips – but it’s nicely moisturising without being waxy or heavy. Paul and Joe doesn’t seem to usually sell out but there’s been a lot of buzz about this collaboration so I hope that it will encourage people to look at their other products as well.

I also received a GWP for spending over 50€, which was a brush roll decorated in the same fabric as the new potted glosses. I really wanted this because I don’t have anything similar for packing brushes when I travel, and I was pleased to see that it’s well made, with 8 slots of different widths and a net pocket for smaller items and sponges. However as you’ll see, it’s not big enough for some of my longer brushes! For scale I’ve used a MAC 217 which fits perfectly and a MAC 129 which is just a bit too long.


Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Powder

Source | Paul & Joe Beaute Facebook

Paul and Joe recently added a small range of cream blushes to their line, as part of the Spring 2010 Wild Flowers collection. There are 5 colours in total, all with a slight shimmer and fragrance. They retail for 22€, or £18.

  • 01 Marionette – a bright, but not shocking pink.
  • 02 Kitten – a softer, paler pink.
  • 03 Peaches – just as the name suggests, a peach!
  • 04 Butterfly – similar to Peaches, but more orange / coral
  • 05 Dusk – a darker brownish colour, slightly golden.

I’m not sure exactly when these were released but I purchased mine this week at Printemps in Paris, and they’re also available on I believe they are the same size as the face powders and come in the solid pink compact with mirror. Though I’m usually attracted to peaches and corals, I decided to buy Kitten.

What I wanted when I bought this product was something that was quick and easy to use, but the texture of this product means that it requires a little bit of work, as well as the correct tools. The name “Creamy Cheek Powder” is worth paying attention to. I don’t find this to be particularly creamy, but it’s definitely not powdery or chalky either. With a little bit of warmth from your fingers, you can build up the product to apply but it’s then very hard to blend that onto your cheek, it doesn’t slip onto the skin like other cream blushes. After patting the product onto my cheek, I then used a blush brush to buff the colour , it started to blend better.  So this is what I mean when I say that the blush needs a bit of time and effort!

But it might just be worth it. When I stepped back from the mirror, the effect was very pretty and fresh & unlike other cream blushes, this one did not sit on my skin or look greasy. The shimmer is only really noticeable when you swatch, it’s very subtle once applied – just enough to ensure that the blush doesn’t look “flat”. What really surprised me about this was the staying power. After a long day of walking around, my blush still looked as fresh as when I’d applied it – I’ll be interested to see if this is still true in warmer weather. Nevertheless, this was really an outstanding result for me as I rarely feel that my blush stays true all day and I feel that this would be an excellent layering product or base for powder blushes.

Overall, though it’s not the easiest to work with, it’s non sticky and has great staying power and though the colours are dupeable, the texture is unique in my opinion.
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